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Laurens TBAA Survey (My Reply)

TBAA Writing Survey:

Your First Name or Penname: Linda

MSN Messenger SN: buffyboostar@hotmail.com

How long have you been writing TBAA fanfiction?

I haven't ever written fanfic!

How long have you've been reading TBAA fanfiction?

I never read it!

What are your favorite TBAA stories to read?

Andrew/Monica types!

What is your favorite genre to write for TBAA?

I adore the real touching ones!

Which TBAA chars do you like writing for and why?

Any character, I even find myself thinking about writing of Celeste, as I am a huge Hudson Leick fan aswell!

What do you like most about writing for the chars you chose above?

Uhh, anything I can think of!

Which chars or aspects of plot do you have trouble writing?

Raphael, or Tess/Gloria

Who is the easiest char to write for in your opinion and why?

Monica! I love her so much!

Who is the hardest char or chars to write in your opinion and why?

Raphael, Adam, Celeste, etc...

What are your strengths when writing TBAA fanfics?

My never ending fantasy!

What are your fave scenes to write?

The touching ones!

What are your weaknesses when writing fan fiction?

Making a too long beginning!

How do you get over writer’s block when it comes to play?

I start singing, and post at online communities, and make videos!

Do you like reading and writing fanfiction with original chars or without?


Do you write for other fandoms besides TBAA?

Well, since I don't write, no.. But if I could, yes! I wanna write some Xena fanfic!

Do you read other fanfic besides the ones for TBAA?

Yes! Xena! Especially Shipper ones! R.I.P. Kevin Smith

Do you have certain things you don’t like reading in TBAA stories?

When I can't see the picture in my head!

Are reviews important to you when posting a story for others to read?

Well, it would be nice getting reviews!

How do you handle constructive criticism?

I don't remember!

When writing TBAA stories, do you put your audience wishes before your own?

I try... Not always that easy!

What subject is too serious for you to write?

I don't know!

Are there any TBAA fanfics of yours that people absolutely loved?

Did I mention I have no friends who like TBAA?

What do you like most about writing TBAA stories?

The relaxation!

Do you have a website?

Well, yeah... But at the moment I'm making a TBAA message board!

Favorite angel or angels?: Monica, Gloria, Tess, Andrew, Celeste, Raphael

Least favorite angels?: Adam

Did you have fun taking this survey?

Yeah! Sure!
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