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I met Valerie Bertinelli!

I know I've been writing in this journal about a big surprise that I was going to do in the middle of March. Some of you know who read this journal that I was supposed to meet Valerie Bertinelli on Feb 27, but then the date got changed.

Well...I met her yesterday! The experience was incredible and Val herself was so sweet and down to earth! I thanked her for what she did for me as Gloria and she was really touched. I then gave her the present I had bought for her. Val was like, "Aw, you didn't have to get me anything." I just smiled and was like, "I wanted to." I then asked her if it was okay if I gave her a hug and she obliged without a second thought. She came over to me and let me hug her. When Val hugged back, the hug felt so safe and so full of pure love. I can't describe it any better than that.

After that, I took a picture with her. The funny thing was, my grandmother kept calling Valerie 'Maria! Val and i giggled over that one.

After Val signed the copy of her book I had bought, she handed it to my grandmother and my grandmother went to hand it to me, but Val shook her head. "Can you hold onto it for a minute? I want to give her one more hug." After the second hug, we said good bye, thank you and left. Even though I didn't get as much time with her as one of the workers at the bookstore promised, i wouldn't have traded those five minutes for anything! Val is so sweet and down to earth and she was smiling sincerely the whole time! I could hear it in her voice. Her book is incredible as well! I especially love the part she wrote about TBAA!

Who? God
What? He loves you
Where? Everywhere
When? Always, forever, without ceasing.
How? Unconditionally, totally and completely.
Why? Because you are His child.
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