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TBAA Name Game!

Just what the subject line says! I thought this type of game would be fun! I hope everyone enjoys it!

First, pick your first favorite angel. Then for the following questions; answer them using the first letter of that angel’s name! Have fun!

1. First Favorite angel? Gloria
2. Your favorite type of drink? Grape-peach juice!
3. One of your favorite colors? Ginger
4. Favorite type of candy? Gum!
5. Favorite name for a girl? Gabriella
6. A favorite old TV Show: Ghostwriter
7. A word that describes an angel: Gentle
8. A place to go on vacation: Golden Gate Park
9. A nickname for a girl: Gabby
10. A type of pet? Gerbil
11. Type of soda: Ginger ale
12. Type of flower: Gardenia
13. Favorite type of sport: Gymnastics
14. A fictional place: Green Gables
15. A sports team: Giants
16. What did you think of this game? Awesome!

Now it’s your turn!

Who? God
What? He loves you
Where? Everywhere
When? Always, forever, without ceasing.
How? Unconditionally, totally and completely.
Why? Because you are His child
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