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How Valerie helped me as Gloria

Hey there everyone! Lauren here. i Hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to share the true story of how Valerie helped me as the angel, Gloria, on TBAA. She did more than help me. She inspired me as well. But mostly, she saved my spiritual life and maybe even my physical life as well.

You never know how God will answer our prayers. That is one of the things that is so awesome about our Heavenly Father. He knows what we need and He will give it to us when we need it most.

This true story is an example of just how awesome His timing is.

The day I saw "Two Sides to Every Angel" for the first time and taped it, my Dad had gone off on me verbally. For what i don't know. It was probably for not having a job or something along those lines or for not being perfect. The usual things some parents with disabled kids rant and rave about.

Anyway, he had really said some hurtful things to me. I went up to my room, closed the door and burst into tears. I turned on the TV and rewound the tape I had taped TBAA on that day. I turned it on and started watching it.

I laughed a wee bit at some of the jokes Gloria made about Tess's car, but for the most part I sat there and balled. But it was nothing compared to how hard i was crying at the end of the episode.

When Gloria said, "God is here. And He loves us, in spite of all the mistakes and He has a plan for us all." I started crying all over again.

I then knelt on my knees and thanked God over and over again. I then prayed for Him to make it possible for me to thank Valerie for what she did. I then wrote Val that letter.

I was feeling so dejected and worthless before Gloria's revelation, I didn’t' know what to do. I felt like my Dad had slapped me, but he hadn't, don't worry.

But words can sting more than a slap across the face ever could. Believe me, I know. I've been on the receiving end of those words many times before.

When my Dad had gone off on me that day, he made me feel like all those hurtful things my mother said to me were true. "You're worthless, you're a mistake. I wish you had never been born." That was what my mother said to me most of the time.

Anyway, when I heard Gloria say, "God loves us, in spite of all the mistakes. And He has a plan for us all." It was like God had sent me an angel who lifted me up and carried me into a new day. And for the first time, I saw myself not through my earthly father's eyes, but through my Heavenly Father's eyes. And it was all thanks to God working through Valerie as Gloria. I will never forget that day or the way God worked through Valerie to confirm His love for me.

And from that day on, I never forgot those words of truth. Now, whenever I need a spirit booster or I find myself questioning God's purpose for me, I remember Gloria's words and they give me the confidence and strengthen my faith to face a new day.

And that is why I will always think of Valerie as an angel. The angel who confirmed God’s love for me when I needed it the most. I will always be grateful to Val for what she did for me as Gloria.

This experience has even inspired me to write a song which I am dedicating to Valerie. The song is called “On an Angel’s Wings.” I’m trying my best to get it composed. When I do, I hope Val will listen to it because it expresses the peace, comfort and clarity her words brought me when I needed them the most.

Who? God
What? He loves you
Where? Everywhere
When? Always, forever, without ceasing.
How? Unconditionally, totally and completely.
Why? Because you are His child.
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