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My TBAA Writing Survey!

Hey! I hope everyone has fun taking this survey I came up with!

TBAA Writing Survey:

Your First Name or Penname: Lauren

MSN Messenger SN:

How long have you been writing TBAA fanfiction?

I’ve been writing TBAA fanfiction for over two years now.

How long have you've been reading TBAA fanfiction?

For about two years now, maybe three.

What are your favorite TBAA stories to read?

I LOVE stories where Gloria plays an active role and ones where Monica is either workin’ with the wee ones or supervising Gloria on an assignment.

What is your favorite genre to write for TBAA?

I LOVE writing realistic stories. Ones that have issues everyone can relate to.

Which TBAA chars do you like writing for and why?

I LOVE writing for Gloria and Monica the most. The reason is, I have a lot in common with them both personality wise. I also find Monica/Gloria’s relationship
as supervisor and case worker easy to write.

What do you like most about writing for the chars you chose above?

I LOVE writing for both the Irish angel and the youngest because it’s fun! Gloria is always learning new things and Monica loves teachin’ her. Also, some
of the assignments they have are fun to write as well. IE if they need to learn a particular sport or skill to get close to their assignments.

The other reason I LOVE writing for TBAA so much is because it tells the truth and gives people hope when they need it most.

Which chars or aspects of plot do you have trouble writing?

Tess/Gloria’s relationship. I know Tess loves the youngest angel, but I have trouble showing that love in my stories. This is probably because Gloria is closer to Monica and Tess doesn’t have much patience for her ‘little angel most of the time.

Who is the easiest char to write for in your opinion and why?

Gloria and Monica. Their relationship as supervisor and case worker is so easy to write.

Who is the hardest char or chars to write in your opinion and why?

Andrew and Adam. I’m working on writing Andrew in more of my TBAA stories where he fits, but I don’t like Adam at all. I never liked Adam from the beginning. But after he treated Gloria none too nicely in “The Root of All Evil” my dislike for Adam grew ten fold. I prefer to write Rafael if I include a male angel at all. This is because Rafael is my favorite male angel!

What are your strengths when writing TBAA fanfics?

The revelation scenes. Especially for Monica and Gloria. The reason their revelations come so easily for me is because show-wise, Monica and Gloria’s revelations helped me a great deal in my own life. Monica affirmed God’s love for me and one of Gloria’s revelations practically saved my life.

What are your fave scenes to write?

My favorite scenes to write are dramatic and emotional ones. I get the most pleasure when I read through a particular scene and I can see it play out in my mind like an episode.

What are your weaknesses when writing fan fiction?

My weaknesses are sticking to the assignments and not making the angels the center focus of the story.

How do you get over writer’s block when it comes to play?

I listen to my favorite songs, which are generally Adventures in Wonderland and Disney ones. Once I Listen to my favorite songs, my ideas just flow out. The song that helps me the most is Mae Whitman’s song “I Heard the Bells”.

Do you like reading and writing fanfiction with original chars or without?

I LOVE writing and reading stories with original characters in them. I think it makes the stories more interesting and it also lets the writer show her/his personality a lot more.

Do you write for other fandoms besides TBAA?

Oh yes. I try to write for a new fandom every once in awhile. If I read a story that I like from a new fandom, I’ll try and write a story for it if I can. I enjoy a new challenge every once in a while.

Do you read other fanfic besides the ones for TBAA?

Definitely! I try and read fanfics from a variety of fandoms to broaden my horizons a wee bit more.

Do you have certain things you don’t like reading in TBAA stories?

I can’t stand stories with Adam in them or stories where Andrew plays a big role. I also don’t like stories where Monica and Gloria aren’t in character. IE Monica being too stern with Gloria or Gloria not working well with kids.

Are reviews important to you when posting a story for others to read?

I enjoy getting reviews, but I don’t write solely for that purpose. I think that reviews are important, but at the same time, they shouldn’t be the main reason you write. While reviews give readers a way of helping writers perfect their talent, they shouldn’t be the reason you write.

How do you handle constructive criticism?

If it’s good constructive critics, I take it in stride and try to use it to make my writing better. If it’s bad, I ignore it and let it go.

When writing TBAA stories, do you put your audience wishes before your own?

I try to, but I also try to be true to myself. That is the one lesson I’ve learned. And it’s helped me in writing as well as other aspects of my life.

What subject is too serious for you to write?

Nasai, nothing. I write family oriented stories that deal with everything from abandonment, abuse, rape, and neglect. I believe that these issues wont’ be dealt with properly unless people know about them.

Are there any TBAA fanfics of yours that people absolutely loved?

The TBAA fanfics that I Think people liked the most would have to be “Kassie’s Prayer,” “Father’s Day,” “A Ride of Faith” and “The Importance of Dreaming.”

What do you like most about writing TBAA stories?

I love that we can help people through our writing. Even if we don’t know it, our stories, original and fanfic can touch people in ways we never imagined. I know. It’s happened to me many atime. Nothing pleases me more than when I’ve inspired someone or made their day better with a story I wrote.

Do you have a website?

Aye. My penname on is LittleGloriaFaith. I also have an account over at as well. My penname over there is RoseNicoleHopeElisabeth.

Favorite angel or angels?: Gloria, Monica, Tess and Rafael.

Least favorite angels?: Adam and Andrew.

Did you have fun taking this survey?

Definitely! I created it, but it was fun to take all the same!

Who? God
What? He loves you.
Where? Everywhere.
When? Always, forever, without ceasing.
How? Unconditionally, totally and completely.
Why? Because you are His child.
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