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The Monica/Andrew TBAA shipper community

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Monica/Andrew community! I am sparkleferret your friendly neighborhood moderator. Please read the community rules carefully.
We will love you forever if:
1. You share your Monica/Andrew fanfiction with us

2. You write us some helpful Touched By An Angel episode reviews.

3. You show us your lovely Monica/Andrew icons

4. You write NICE, helpful reviews of your fellow community members' fanfiction

5. You have the savvy to create a TBAA mood theme

Things that will piss your moderator off and probably get you kicked out.

1. Flames. This is not to say you must only write the most glowing reviews of everybody's stories, but you do have to be nice about what you find fault with.

2. TyP1Ng lyK ThIs. 1t GivEs Ppl teh_H3adAchEz.

3. Proscelytizing. This is not a religion community. It is a pro-tv-couple community. We really don't care if what we have to say contradicts your particular edition of the bible. It doesn't contradict what we saw in the TV series, and that's why we're here.

4. Fanfiction directly contradicting the Mondrew ship (ie Andrew/Gloria fanfiction). That's how board wars get started and I have way too much to do to referee that nonsense. Additional couples (ie Gloria/Adam) will be welcomed with open arms, provided you throw in a little A/M to keep us happy.

5. NC-17 stories, aside from the fact that many people have moral objections to that sort of thing, it just doesn't work in this fandom. If you want to write sex scenes I suggest you familliarize yourself with The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and its relevant communities. We love that sort of thing over there!

6. Mary Sues: For the purposes of this community a Mary-Sue is any human-angel hybrid or any one individual who is soley responsible for getting Monica and Andrew to realize their feelings for each-other...except for Tess. She's perceptive like that.